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  1. Your free consultation. In the first meeting, we’ll review our process and the cabinet lines we represent. We’ll discuss your vision, timeline, budget and the scope of the project. As part of the scope, we’ll want to know if you’re looking at countertops, appliances, and flooring. Yes, we can help with all of that too! Blueprints or rough room plans will be helpful at this point.
  2. Going over your design options. In our second meeting, we’ll go over the different ideas we came up with from the initial consultation and determine the estimated costs. Based on your feedback, we will be prepared to go full speed ahead.
  3. Beginning the actual design process. We’ll come to your location to conduct a field measurement of your space. Appliance specifications will be helpful at this point. Although we do not insist on visiting the job site, we will take full responsibility for sizing errors when we measure the job site. At our third meeting, we will also ask for a design deposit ($500 minimum or 5% of estimate), which will be applied to your cabinet purchase.
  4. Completing the design. By the end of our fourth meeting, we will have the plans and elevations for your space. We’ll go over the design with you and continue to tweak it, as required, from functionality to style. We can continue this part of the process until you’re thinking “This is exactly what I wanted.” At this point, we can also order door and stain samples upon your request.
  5. Almost done! Our fifth meeting covers final pricing after all adjustments have been made. We will arrange for a final measurement of your space.
  6. Placing your order. Upon agreement of the final price, you’ll sign a contract and your final acceptance of the design. A 50% deposit will be due at this time. We’ll contact you with a shipping date once we receive that information from our suppliers. 6-8 weeks is typically a good rule of thumb. The remaining balance will be due upon delivery of your cabinets.
  7. Installation. We can also arrange for the installation of your new cabinets. Your job will not be delayed by unforeseen or minor plumbing or electrical gaffes. At your request, we can provide a quote for this aspect, as well.
  8. Final punch list. After your cabinets have been installed, we would like to take an opportunity to go over the final outcome with you and make sure you are perfectly satisfied with the finished product.
  9. Next project. Now is the time to start thinking of the next time you can use Creative Cabinetry!