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Second Homeowner Kitchen

According to experts(1), kitchen remodeling investments are recovered more often and more fully than almost any other home investment you can make. Plus, if you choose to rent your property, an updated kitchen can increase your occupancy (and, therefore, your rental income) long before you’re ready to sell.

That’s why, for second homeowners, a beautiful, updated kitchen has become a priority. In fact, 80% of our business here at Creative Cabinetry is from second homeowners just like you who want to protect and grow their investments.

Worry-Free Remodeling for Second Homeowners

We understand that Summit County second homeowners often live and work thousands of miles away. We also understand that when you’re in town you don’t want to spend your whole vacation managing a remodeling project.

That’s why we do things a little differently than other cabinetry companies.

At the big box stores, an hourly employee, usually with little or no design experience or knowledge of the local real estate market, will draw up a design and estimate, order your cabinets, and leave you with the full burden of project management—from finding contractors to monitoring each step of the process.

But when you call Creative Cabinetry, we’ll step in to:
  • Manage as much (or as little) of the project as you need us to—helping make sure things run smoothly even if you aren’t in town or haven’t done this before
  • Introduce you to local vendors and subcontractors that we know and trust (so you don’t have to shop around for the best drywall or plumbing guy in town)
  • Help you pick the colors, wood species, and styles that will increase your home’s value in the Summit County market—and that will be durable enough to take the use and abuse of frequent renters
  • Provide professional photos of your newly remodeled kitchen and bath, which can help you rent, sell, and insure your property

While we’re helping your project run smoothly and stay within budget, we also lend you our deep expertise on Summit County (where we and our families live full-time) and its rental market (which we’ve served since 2007).

Our Personal Guarantee

When you stop by our office, you’ll run into the same people over and over again—all of us experts in our field and real people who are deeply involved in the Summit County community. We love what we do, we care about our customers, and we’ve been working in this market for years.

That’s the basis for our personal guarantee:

Whenever you need us—be it tomorrow or ten years from now—we’ll be here for you. We’re here to help you with your project today and, if ever you need to cash in on your warrantee, we’ll be here for that too.

We guarantee both our services and our products. We’ll answer the phone. We’ll call you back. We’ll go to bat for you on warrantee issues. And we’ll still care about your project, even if it’s years after the fact and you’re thousands of miles away.

Some of our favorite moments are when past clients stop by the office just to say hi.

That’s just who we are.

So, How Can We Help You?

If you’re considering a kitchen or bath remodel in Summit County or just have a question about kitchen and bath remodels, we’d love to hear from you. And whenever you’re ready, we’ll come out for a free measurement, design plan, and cost estimate. (And if you’d prefer, we can even coordinate with your property management company so you don’t need to take time out of your vacation to meet us for the measurement).

Call us today at 970.453.6500 or email us here to set up your free measure, ask a question, or just find out more about our products.

We look forward to hearing from you.

1. Renovations That Give You a Return on Your Investment